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We are
Proudly Indian.

Aryama Synergies offers apparel, exclusive luggage, lifestyle products, and services through our e-commerce platform.
Aryama is crafted with zeal, our products emanate from the passions of micro-enterprises, small industries, and talented individuals and groups.

Each product and service is a labor of love, infused with enthusiasm and dedication.

Our Latest Arrivals

Charlie Wolf

Charlie Wolf embodies unassuming strength.
Engineered from fabrics built to endure, the minimalist designs are purely functional, devoid of flashy frills.

Above all, Charlie Wolf delivers superior performance apparel at unbeatable, affordable prices.

Embrace this curated collection for your athleisure activities!

Yoni Mudra

A quintessential Indian brand crafted to elevate your physical exercise experience.

Our offerings seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality, trendiness with comfort, and elegance with affordability.

Embrace the perfect harmony of style and performance with Yoni Mudra.

Johnny Gorkha

Rugged denims, breathable cottons, the versatile twills, the earthy canvas, and the sustainable hemp summarizes our brand for Men shorts. Being proudly Indian we offer a unique blend of durability and fashion-forward aesthetics.

“Explore our range of apparel for men and women, and experience the difference for yourself.

Charlie Wolf, Yoni Mudra and Johnny Gorkha, brings you a sense of surety driving you to never compromise on style, comfortability and quality!”

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